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Font Commander Software - Faster, more efficient font selecting and text editing. Fully
 with Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel.

The Font Commander is an amazingly powerful, yet simplistic font software for working with Microsoft® Word fonts. The font selecting and formatting features work with Word and PowerPoint® giving you fast and immediate access to efficient font selecting and text editing.

Put your font frustrations to rest with the innovative time saving tools of Font Commander.


  • Saves you time by eliminating countless steps.
  • Font selecting that makes sense.
  • Fast and efficient text editing.
  • More tools for added creativity.
  • Quick and Organized.
  •  "All in one" easy tool bar application.

only $14.95

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Seeing Is Believing ...
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"Every time I use the Font Commander I am so amazed! Working with
fonts should have always been this easy! What took so long to get a program like this?
This is a must have software for everyone!"  ... Tina E., Atlanta, Ga.

The Font Commander with exclusive Font Runner Automated Technology  gives you  incredible power and full control over your fonts. You will find your entire font list including all the tools you need for speedy font selecting and font style enhancing all on one easy toolbar application.  

The exclusive Font Runner feature allows you to view font faces quickly, one after the other, on any selected text in your document, instantly and automatically.
Turn the "Font Runner" on and watch your document change fonts automatically as it runs down your font list. Bookmark fonts as you go or stop the runner when you find what you are looking for. Fonts can be viewed in slow or fast speed or in manual mode. You will never lose place of where you are in your list.

All Font Enhancements are at your finger tips. Use the slide bar or spin tool to enlarge or reduce the font size, scale, spacing, or position until you acheive the space and proportion you desire in your document. It  takes just one click to bold, underline, italic, emboss, engrave, shadow, outline, strike, and double strike any font. One Click to add special effects like blinking lights, sparkle, and others. One click to change your lower case text into all caps, superscript or subscript. Set text color, underline color,  and underline styles from the same toolbar. 

Special Feature... Set and freeze any font style with your chosen enhancements and then just paint on the text you want shown in that font style and settings. The Font Commander Portfolio is available to save your specially created fonts along with their enhancement settings for easy reference. 

The Font Commander has made it possible for you to apply enhancements and make changes to your document  while you are in the print preview mode.  Never again will there be a need to go back and forth between menu selections and viewing.   With the Font Commander, it is easy to create interesting, professional, impressive documents and presentations for home or office in just a fraction of the time.... and you will have fun doing it with no more font frustrations!

Whether you have 150 or 1000plus font faces loaded on your system,
the Font Commander will give you the power to take control!


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