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We would like to thank our users for their fan mail contributions and for taking the time to give us this feedback. We hope you enjoy reading them.

"I love this Software!"
The Font Commander downloaded quickly on my computer and in a matter of minutes I was having a blast! It is amazing what this powerful little program does in Word and it is so easy! 
A real time saver and a great creativity tool!                                                                                                                                  Coki R.

“Great features”
If you want to enhance the capabilities of word, (and make your life a whole lot easier!), get the Font Commander! It doesn’t change the way you use Word, it just adds great features that are easy to get to.         Bret and Lisa

“Font Pains”
If you are like me, and have been struggling with the pains of font selecting, you will love this tool. The instant document font previewing is excellent!                                                                                     Sandy   

"This one's a keeper! Functional, stable and 100% error free!"
I use Word 2003 and it only took about a second to install - from there it was a no-brainer to use. This application is very intuitive and it does just what it claims to. I've not had a single error related to this program and would recommend it to anyone looking for a better font manager to use with Word. The Font Runner feature is especially useful and efficient. Well done IHR!! Th
is app is rock solid.                                                       DrSpence

The font commander is a big help beyond word and powerpoint.
The font commander is very handy when I am working in other program such as publisher, & page plus. I have word running in the background and use the font commander to select fonts.                                     Susan W.

"Very Cool Software"
I needed to thank you for this ingenious software. I spent absolutely no time learning how to use this program. Everything you need is very simply laid out and jammed packed with really cool features. (by the way, all usable) Finally I can say "goodbye" to the time consuming usual issues (hassles) of font selecting, sizing, and the positioning of fonts. Creating documents in Word with the help of Font Commander has reached a whole new level and I highly recommend it. Thank You!!!                                                                                 Dawgette

The Font Commander is a valuable tool for just about everybody! My kids love it too! They especially like the Zoom bar and Special Effects.                                                                                                      Ms. Roberts

“Helped me get familiar with all my fonts”
I love the font runner feature. It has really given me a chance to become familiar with all the fonts in my system. This makes it easier when working in other programs too. (Although it would be nice for other programs to be as easy as the Font Commander.)                                                                                                          T. Davis

“Font locating alphabetically”
I am very impressed with every feature of the font commander. Locating a font with the alphabet tool is a big help. If you already know the font you want to use, all you do is click on the letter of the alphabet that the font starts with and it immediately pulls up only those fonts. This saves me a lot of time.                                               Bill

“I have used Word for many years”
I have used Word for many years, and yes, I have experienced the FRUSTRATION of Font selecting. With the help of Font Commander, I must say that all those issues are resolved! …and more!                                  Kip V

"A very fun application to use"
Had no problems installing and works very well and is very helpful and fun to use.                           Jkenn

 “OK, I’m Spoiled!"
Now that I’ve been using Font commander with Word and Powerpoint, I find myself wanting the same easy concept to be available other programs.                                                                                                        Juanita

“Useful Tool for Teachers and Students”
I am a 6th grade science teacher and find the applications of the Font Commander to be unlimited. It makes creating unique and interesting documents much easier, and cuts the time in half! I am hoping that our school will adopt this application as a useful and helpful tool for students as well as teachers.                                       Ms. Ford

"Simply Amazing!!"
A few weeks ago, I went to a friends house to help create some flyers for an upcoming event. Pat turned on his computer and opened Word. Then he clicked in an Icon, an up came a small application that I had never seen before. Curiously I asked. ” What’s that?” He replied… “It’s my new Font Commander,” Watch this!”, He typed some text and then started working with the controls. Wow! How easy it that??? I was amazed!!! I immediately asked where he got such a program as I knew I just had to have it. We finished the flyers quickly but then I coerced him into letting me stick around to play with the Font Commander Program. What a helpful and fun tool! … and of coarse I went home and downloaded it right away. It’s the BEST!                                                                             Jan H.

It’s very nice to have a program that does away with so many time consuming steps when creating documents. I have recommend it to all of my friends. Thanks..I love it!                                                                    Heather B

I can make my documents look the way I want in seconds! It’s so easy a child can use it!               Linda

“An easy tool that will amaze you.”
If you can only understand the very basics in ms word, you will know how to use the Font Commander. It turns the basics into easy tools that will amaze you!                                                                                 Kim Lu

“Simply put”
This software just keeps things simple.                                                                                       Amin 

Interesting features like the zoom bar and enhancement buttons makes for fun document creating.        Kris

“Excellent ”
Wow! An excellent program. I never seen anything like it!                                                              P. Maltsby

The font flagging feature makes it convenient to note the fonts you like or want to come back to later. If there’s a font you like and want to come back to it later, just flag it.                                                                     George A.

"Font Police"
I turned on the Font Runner and my fonts moved so fast I thought the "Font Police" would show
up any minute and give me a "Font Ticket"  ;-))))                                                                             Jerry

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